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Q. Can I plan my funeral in advance?
Yes- A pre paid funeral allows a person to plan and pay in advance. You decide on the kind of funeral you want and can personalise your arrangements in any way you wish thus relieving surviving family or friends the burden of funeral arrangements and payment of same. To Facilitate this we keep a copy and give you a copy of everything that is arranged. These pre arrangements may be lodged with your appointed solicitors for Safekeeping.

Q. Who do I contact first to arrange a funeral?
As Anderson & Leahy will make all the arrangements on your behalf e.g.liaise with the hospital or doctor, the priest, radio etc. It is best to contact the funeral director and all arrangements can be channelled through him. This will save you some anxiety and stress at such a difficult time.

Q. Is it possible to delay the funeral for a few days?
With today's modern embalming techniques it is possible to delay the funeral for a considerable length of time.

Q. What is a post mortem/p.m./autopsy/?
If the deceased has not been attending a doctor or died suddenly it will be necessary to perform a p.m. to ascertain the exact cause of death.

Q. Can I object to a p.m.?
If the coroner orders a p.m. you cannot object as it means that the doctor cannot give a death cert. as the exact cause of death is unknown.


From Ireland to another country: Appropriate paperwork e.g. death certificate, out of state papers, coroner's certificates dealing with various embassies. We will collect the body from place of death and bring her/him to our funeral home for preparation. We can facilitate viewing for family/friends in our funeral home. We will book the flights for the deceased and arrange for the coffin to be transferred to the airport prior to departure.

From another country to Ireland: We will liaise with the funeral director and when they contact us with the flight no. and date the remains will be arriving we will arrange customs clearance and all the necessary paperwork. We will collect the deceased from the airport and bring the deceased to our funeral home where we will re-prepare the remains if necessary to facilitate viewing in Ireland.

Q. What if I don't qualify for a Bereavement Grant?
A. If you do not qualify for a Bereavement Grant you may get assistance towards the funeral expenses under the Supplementary Welfare Allowance (SWA) scheme, which is operated by the Health Boards. No social insurance contributions are required as payment is based on the means of the person responsible for paying the funeral bill. You should apply to your local Community Welfare Officer at your local Health Centre before you pay the funeral bill, as the cheque will be issued to the undertaker/funeral director. The SWA scheme also provides for Exceptional Needs Payments in particular situations.

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